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Patchouli + Black Pepper + Peru Balsam Incense by Alight

Patchouli + Black Pepper + Peru Balsam Incense by Alight

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by Alight Incense

Box of 20 hand-rolled incense sticks 

Made with 100% essential oils (no synthetic fragrance)

Each stick burns for approximately one hour.

We believe that daily rituals and acts of self care are the starting points for large scale change. Monumental progress can happen with the smallest spark. Something as simple as lighting a stick of incense can change you, your mood, the way you perceive your space and your place within it. We believe that starting that little fire can also ignite real change on a larger scale. Alight Incense was created with this as our core belief, and that is why a portion of our proceeds are donated to an ever-changing roster of organizations that support a spectrum of progressive issues. - ALIGHT

Ten percent of the proceeds from each of our seven unique & all natural fragrances is dedicated to a specific cause, including combating climate change, LGBTQIA+ rights, criminal justice reform, survivors of domestic violence, fighting systemic racism & supporting BIPOC communities, supporting migrant and refugee rights, and the better treatment of animals. - ALIGHT

Ignite change with us, and set the flame of progress Alight. - ALIGHT

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