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Generative Goods

Heart + Craft Kit

Heart + Craft Kit

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Authentic, original, digital and physical. Each Heart + Kraft kit has everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind physical good, along with a pre-generated one of a kind digital asset. Kits include: 

x6 paints to match your digital art

x60 cubes to assemble into your heart form

x1 artwork redemption card

x1 paintbrush

x1 glue

x1 instructions (important)

When in Marfa, visit the Heart + Craft wall at the Art Blocks Gallery over on San Antonio Street, next door to Cochineal. 

Generative Goods is a company founded with a mission to bring unique objects to consumers. Every project in their catalog generates a one of a kind output and that output is part of a larger family but unique to you. 

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