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A collection of design analyses that denounces elitism in critique

How can we encourage more people to become actively aware of and critical about the design of their environments? How can we make the realm of design criticism more inclusive? These were the questions that motivated Onomatopee Projects to launch an open call for (un)professional everyday design criticism. This publication presents a series of essays that were selected from this open call, in which participants were asked to submit a short text that reflects upon an everyday design object, system, environment or construct. The result is a rich and varied collection of essays that provides a refreshing take on design criticism aimed at laymen, professionals and everyone in between. The book features an interview with Ellen Lupton.

Contributors include: Vanessa Brazeau, Lara Chapman, Pete Fung, Iskander Guetta, Adina Glickstein, Judith Leijdekkers, Rosannagh Maddock, Jo Minhinnett, PLSTCTY Studio, Josh Plough, Bessie Rubinstein, Y. Selim, Lauren Thu, Anniek Tijmes, Joannette van der Veer, Vincent van Velsen, Stijn van de Vyver and Zack Wellin.

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