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Deep Black

Sapphire Ceramic Stash Jar by Deep Black

Sapphire Ceramic Stash Jar by Deep Black

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This little jar is designed to hold your buds and blunts, but works equally well for storing candy, jewelry, and other personals. It’s just tall enough to hold your largest buds without crushing them, wide enough to hold a nice long joint. The knob is itself an ashtray and is perfect for keeping your joint or cigarette out of harm’s way and ready to go for when it’s been one of those kinda days. When the ashtray gets gunky, just throw the whole lid in the dishwasher and it'll be good as new.

DEEP BLACK was originally conceived as the physical embodiment of Sherrod Faulks' aesthetic and ethos, centered in the belief that small, thoughtful, intelligent design choices work together to create a delightful experience. And this experience should be accessible to everyone, whether they have twenty or two-hundred dollars to spend on beautiful things that help you cultivate moments of joy, connection, and love.


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