What's the deal with shipping?

We ship orders out three times per week, by way of USPS. If you have special shipping needs or requests, please email us at heyilikeithere@gmail.com

I'm coming to Marfa! I can't wait to meet you, where are you?

105 S. Highland Avenue in the lobby of Hotel Saint George, 50 short feet away from the bar. We're here every day from 9 AM until 8 PM. 

Do you accept returns?

Within seven days, for store credit. Check out our return policy for the details.

 Are you from here?

Some of us are, most of us aren't.

What should I do while I'm in Marfa? I've never been before!

Don't care if you don't like art, at least try to visit the Chinati Foundation for their open viewing opportunity. We also recommend carving out an hour and a half or so to do the Judd Foundation's tour of the Block, a compound comprising Donald Judd's Marfa studio, living space, and library. Knock those two things out and you'll leave town with insight on why lots of us ended up here and why you bothered to visit in the first place. 

Watch a sunrise - they go head-to-head with the sunsets and often win. Look up lots - the clouds and the stars are breathtaking. Look down, too - for ephemera, very old can tabs, cool bugs, pretty rocks, little plants, etc. Also look down because the potholes here are incorrigible and this is not a convenient place to break your ankle. 

Who is Donald Judd?

Lucky you, we have books for that.

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